Lean and Lentil: 25 Easy, Fast & Healthy Recipes


Lean and Lentil by Iris Efthymiou Egleton Healthy Wishes with Lentil Dishes. Lentils make wonderful dishes that are delicious as well as fun in the same way as pizza and other children’s delights. This cookbook is here to prove just that. Enormously underrated worldwide, lentils are a staple in my native Greece and

Beans, one Superfood: 20 recipes


Beans, one Superfood: 20 recipes by Iris Eftymiou Egleton You know that there was always something vital missing from your kitchen (and diet). You know that you have overlooked at least one superfood that can make all the difference. And you hope that it’s something tasteful and healthy and variety-offering. Well, you have

20 Healthy, Easy & Delicious Greek Recipes


Greek Recipes by Iris Efthymiou - Egleton The Mediterranean region, especially Greece with its numerous sunny islands, has always been a wonderful vacation destination. Every vacationer is enthralled by the unique and simple yet extremely healthy cuisine of this corner of the world. The people living along the Northern Mediterranean coast are

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