Human Health and Oceans: Every second breath we take comes from our oceans


Human Health and Oceans by Iris Efthymiou Egleton What is the connection between ice cream, jewelry, gasoline, weather cycle, renewable energy, antiaging creams, decoration, lipsticks, livestock feed, fertilizers, toothpaste, clothing dyes, the development of our cardiovascular and immune systems, and shampoos? You would expect a long answer, right? Well, think again because it

Wellness: A new word for Ancient Ideas


Wellness: A new word for Ancient Ideas. By Iris Efthymiou-Egleton You probably think that the current very trendy concept of Wellness is a modern idea, but no… it’s just a modern word! From antiquity, human societies have sought the secrets that lead to optimal Wellbeing (our overall physical and mental health). History

Do we really know China?


Do we really know China? By Iris Efthymiou-Egleton Different cultures and civilizations have different perception of a history context and ideas. The Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato, Demosthenes, Aristotle, etc. shaped Western thought, Western logic and built our thought systems. Nowadays we need historical pluralism and to form a cohesive whole, especially in

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