You can find many people out there who are seemingly happy, having a good job and a loving family, yet they might not truly be happy. Why is that? Because happiness and wellness are not the same thing. But why do I point that out? Well, here’s the thing: Just because you found yourself to feel happy at a certain point in time, it doesn’t mean that your microcosmos can stop moving.

We still need to take care of ourselves, our mental clarity, our mind, our body, our diet, our spiritual elevation. If we stop taking care of our body, our health will deteriorate. If we stop learning things, we will start forgetting what we know. The human brain is not a computer; if we stop feeding it, it will keep the vitally necessary and start discarding all the rest. You may have come across several examples of couples who let themselves go after getting married. It can also happen when someone gets a good job, and what I said right above is the reason why it happens.

What’s the secret hiding behind all this? It’s our habits. No matter our walk of life, no matter our current situation, we all need beneficial habits in our life. We all have habits and have acquired most of them without even realizing it. Now, a life-changing piece of information is that our habits play a key role in our level of success in life. If we are not currently satisfied with the fruits of our everyday life, then it is certain that we have developed non-beneficial habits that set us back instead of pushing us forward.

On the issue of habits, first, we must recognize the patterns of our daily life that are not helpful, that do not contribute to us reaching our goals. They might not be actions but thoughts or feelings. Humans tend to cling to the familiar, the usual, the habitual, even if it has negative effects or is in itself obviously negative!

Recognizing, acknowledging and admitting our wrongful destructive thoughts and depressive or angry feelings is really tough. It takes a lot of inner searching as well as courage. I would even call it heroic. Evaluating your thought patterns and habits can take a toll on you emotionally and spiritually, but the imminent catharsis is something unparalleled!