Project Description

We used to say that the only constant is change. Well, in the digital era, there’s a second constant which is the increasing speed of change. As AI advances rapidly and as climate change progresses dangerously, we must think hard to adjust every aspect of our lives, starting with the most basic resource: Food.

Producing food has shaped our planet, not necessarily in a good way. This book looks at new production methods, new “cleaner” cuisines, new looks for our kitchens, new methods of food distribution, DNA-based diets, and even ingredients-related taxes. All to ensure we are more thoughtful with the earth’s apparent abundance.

Every link in the food chain needs to be adjusted with the purpose of tackling today’s challenges. These include hunger, food waste, climate change, land deterioration, and numerous diet-related diseases, notably obesity itself.In ancient times, food meant hunting, growing vegetables, and picking fruits. A few centuries ago, we turned the food into a fully industrialized sector. So, in the near future, what will Food 3.0 look like? Nanotechnology, vertical farming, lab-grown eggs, and synthetic meat, 3D-printed food, drones, alcohol and sugar taxes, insects, biomimetics, cloud kitchens, and wellness kitchens, among other things, are all blended together in one accessibly presented cauldron, as Iris and Harry stir the sauce like masterful chefs.

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