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Practical Powerful Parenting by Iris Efthymiou Egleton

A Parent’s Work Is Never Done…

Most aspiring parents ask themselves questions like ‘Am I ready to become a parent?’ or ‘Am I able to be a parent?’ That’s only logical considering that babies do not come into this world along with a how-to guide and that parenting is a far-from-easy, life-changing decision. As parents, we have endless lists, a wildly extensive amount of information and knowledge we dream of teaching our children; we want to know what to do to raise them in a way that they become high-flying and happy adults. But how is it done? Where does one begin?

Well, this book constitutes a personal endeavor to provide a holistic approach to raising strong and independent individuals, something that is very scarce in today’s chaotic bibliography about parenting. From babies to toddlers to children to teenagers to adults who leave the family nest, this book examines all ages and the different needs that come with them.

Also, from nutrition and health to education, to issues of psychology, to difficult situations (such as divorce, moving to a new house, losing a loved one or a pet, having twins, etc.), this book provides both practical advice and the necessary philosophical wisdom to poignantly approach and effectively deal with any misfortune life might bring your family’s way, while addressing all aspects and reflexes all complexities in the modern world’s parent-child relationships.
This book even looks to the future of parenting and the education system to give you a little food for thought!

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