Project Description

Lean and Lentil by Iris Efthymiou Egleton

Healthy Wishes with Lentil Dishes.

Lentils make wonderful dishes that are delicious as well as fun in the same way as pizza and other children’s delights. This cookbook is here to prove just that. Enormously underrated worldwide, lentils are a staple in my native Greece and an important part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. As for the recipes, well! they are easy, always
economical, fast and nearly all can be reheated or frozen and reheated..

This cookbook contains a plethora of really healthy and delicious meals; I have tried to include a wide variety of noticeably different dishes whose main ingredient is none other than the tiny miracles called lentils. You will see that lentils, although wonderful on their own, can be combined with all kinds of meat, vegetables and cheeses to work
wonders and create one-of-a-kind mouth-watering, and, of course, highly beneficial family meals.

Equally, I want to prove to you that healthy cooking and eating are not rocket science. Even though I am not a professional cook, my occupation with healthcare and health economics and management has taught me that eating healthy can also mean eating affordably! Most importantly though, the combinations are delicious!!

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