Project Description

Gratitude Creates Solutions by Iris Efthymiou Egleton

If you want to harness peace, joy, love, optimism in your life, keep reading…
Gratitude is the scientifically proven practice of recognizing and directing your focus to the good in your life. In trying times, practicing gratitude naturally leads to breaking through obstacles, lessening stress and emotional strain, helping you cope with anxiety, depression and more.

Gratitude Creates Solutions: There is always something to be grateful for aims to help you navigate trying times by showing you how to release negativity and feelings of despair and embrace the good that exists all around you, no matter the situation.



Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The true meaning of being grateful
  • Spiritual, psychological, and philosophical perspectives on gratitude
  • How to find grace in a world of social media
  • Benefits of keeping a gratitude journal
  • And much more!

As the world transitions and as you struggle with whatever obstacles are in your way, you might not yet believe there’s a peaceful solution to your problems. This timely guide proves there is with actionable steps and deep personal reflection.
Read it Now, to change your mindset and start living a more fulfilled life today!

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