Beans, one Superfood: 20 recipes by Iris Eftymiou Egleton

You know that there was always something vital missing from your kitchen (and diet). You know that you have overlooked at least one superfood that can make all the difference. And you hope that it’s something tasteful and healthy and variety-offering. Well, you have been guessing correctly so far. And the secret is… beans! They are a food that is missing from most kitchens of the world, plus there is this great variety, each type having its unique taste and color. By the way, any parent in any country reading these lines should incorporate many beans in their families’ weekly diet asap. It’s unnegotiable!
Each bean is truly like a little miracle. They are so small, yet so rich in nutrients. Like their veggie companion, they provide an array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are great sources of – start counting! – iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, thiamin, vitamin B6, and folate. In fact, no more than just 100g of beans give you more iron than a steak or a chicken leg!
Oh, and don’t let me forget; beans are a plant-based food, meaning that they are a great source of fiber. In other words, they make you feel fuller AND for longer! They are some satiating beasts! Ooh, I almost forgot. They are low in fat too! So, you just have to eat beans and beans will do your diet for you! It sounds great to me… and I can tell it sounds great to everyone who doesn’t have that gym discipline!
This book’s 20 recipes are here to prove to you how easy and varied your options can be with the Mediterranean miracles called beans.

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