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Greek Recipes by Iris Efthymiou – Egleton

The Mediterranean region, especially Greece with its numerous sunny islands, has always been a wonderful vacation destination. Every vacationer is enthralled by the unique and simple yet extremely healthy cuisine of this corner of the world. The people living along the Northern Mediterranean coast are known to enjoy a simpler diet which is rich in seasonal, easily accessible foods with all the benefits they bring.

Iris Efthymiou-Egleton provides her personal and modern approach to the traditional family food of Greece, sharing recipes for mouthwatering meals, paired with heart-warming family memories.

In her book, even the most homey recipe becomes something very special. More than just a cookbook, “20 Healthy, Easy & Delicious Greek Recipes” offers you 20 chances to elevate your healthy-eating game. Once your mouth stops watering, the 20 recipes found in Iris’ cookbook will have you running to the kitchen for your own taste of Mediterranean.

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