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Heart health in the digital age: Exploring cardiology, prevention, and Artificial Intelligence.

This abstract provides a glimpse into the evolving landscape of heart health in the digital age, where cardiology, prevention, and artificial intelligence intersect. With the rapid advancement of technology, cardiovascular health has witnessed a paradigm shift in early diagnosis, risk assessment, and personalized treatment plans. This paper delves into the multifaceted dimension of cardiology, shedding

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AI, Equality, Prejudice & Accountability.

AI, Equality, Prejudice & Accountability. Systems of AI can aggravate and reflect social inequalities, resulting in outcomes that harm groups and individuals, particularly those who are already disadvantaged. Humans are prejudiced and likely to make mistakes by nature. But when we make a deliberate attempt to act fairly, our biases and prejudices might be so

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Easiness and difficulty. Happiness and misery. Existence and inexistence. Progress and retrogression. Those are some examples of what we call polar opposites. Yet, as the famous Einstein quote has revealed, it’s all relative. Firstly, from the one concept to its diametrical opposite, there are innumerable ideas and differentiated conditions in between. Plus, the absolutism with

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Beauty is not a new concept or daily preoccupation in people’s lives. Ancient Greeks gave great importance to their appearance, which comes in agreement with their holistic view about life: They loved themselves, their guests, their gods, their country, nature overall, and their exterior. There should be harmony between body and soul. Those who praised

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Since the turning of the millennium, there has been an intense debate on whether globalization and its results – mainly, the dominance of the American culture – are mostly a good or a bad thing. Although the power of American media can certainly be of international influence on both culture and traditions, it is also

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