Dr. Iris Efthymiou Egleton is an author, keynote speaker, researcher, and mentor whose wisdom, multifaceted background, and compassion have all earned her reputation as a visionary. With publications spanning a wide range of topics (parenting, the environment, politics, healthcare, wellness, and everything in-between), she firmly believes in the power of combining different disciplines to arrive at a more well-rounded conclusion perspective.

Iris has worked as a college director and created her own Public Affairs consultancy. She worked with politicians, Diplomats, entrepreneurs, academics, journalists, and spoken at the UN Headquarters in Geneva. In recent years, as her priorities changed for various family reasons, she has focused more on publishing a number of papers and written 11 books.


She has been an active member of the Board of Academics, Director for International Relations of the Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc) and currently President of the Interdisciplinary Committee of HAPSc, and member of the Board of Womanitee. She is also a Scientific Associate of the Laboratory of Health Economics and Management (LabHEM) of the University of Piraeus. Her breadth of knowledge and research-based approach give her an ability to analyse some of the major issues facing humanity in a fast changing world.

Iris believes in equal opportunities, uniqueness, and the normality of imperfection!

“Iris, you are a true inspiration of how the woman of modern world shall look, behave, think and act. In one word you are PHILOSOPHY put in Reality. Woman of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, with a big warm heart full of balanced positive emotions…our Greek Goddess of Modern times”


“Iris is a person who knows what is required in any situation that she may be involved in…”


“…You have a great experience and knowledge in human affairs which makes you a role model for many around the globe.”

N.S., Diplomat

“She will always be an inspiration for me, not only as an extremely professional woman, but also as a writer and a highly creative mind with a positive attitude… I have always had her as a role model…and I am so blessed that she had helped me…”


“…elegance and sophistication aside, it’s your ferocious intellect. I am in awe of you”

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